Thursday, February 18, 2016

Jewels by Deena

Deena Murdock has lived at Lakeside since 2010 and she has been very active in various community activities.  She lived and worked in Dallas as a substitute teacher at Trinity Christian School.  Deena grew up on a farm and was an avid horse riding Texas lady who also loves fishing, and snorkeling.  She is inspired by the beauty of nature and she brings that inspiration into the colorful creations of her jewelry design. Deena is a beloved great grandma affectionately called Dee Dee or Grandmother.  She was busy leading bible studies in Texas and since living at Lakeside, she has shared her lovely voice in the choir for years at Lake Chapala Baptist Church.  Deena is a vibrant, victorious woman who has defeated cancer.  She has been widowed and now lives as an active, blessed by God divorcee since 2011.  Her bunko enthusiasm is also shared by many women who are uplifted by her joyful personality.  Deena is incredibly proud of her precious children and grand kids.
Her son Kyle is a pastor, a pilot and a geologist in Tennessee, and her daughter Tiffany lives in Dallas as a wonderfully busy mother of two children. Deena has presented her jewelry at several special events and she invites you to visit her home based design center and perhaps bring a piece that needs repair, or simply privately browse her vast number of rare jewelery designs.  Her studio is located in Riberas near Mom's Cafe.  Attend the FREE upcoming fashion/jewelry show at our next Frida Society gathering on Monday March 14, 2016 at 11:30 am.  Order a lunch at the Real de Chapala hotel and enjoy the show. You are also welcome to call Deena for a personal appointment at 376-106-0842 or email her at

Monday, January 11, 2016

Fashion Show by Romana

If you are a business owner at Lakeside, The Frida Society invites you to join us in March of 2016 for a fashion show by Romana.  A powerful tribe of business women came together for the inaugural meeting of The Frida Society (TFS) on Monday January 11, 2016!  These are the business owners that attended: Maria Teresa has been a hair stylist for 30 years and her shop is in Ajijic under the name of Panache.  Aranza is a Esthetician with 15 years experience and she also can be located in Ajijic at the Panache studio of beauty.  Ruth is a baker who founded Sweet Treats of Ajijic and 100% of her profits go towards supporting various charitable organizations. Deena has lived at Lakeside for 11 years and she fashions jewelry which is on consignment in Ajijic at Kiss My Glass. Bonnie is a published author and founder of the Lake Chapala Restaurant Guide.  Links for those businesses that have a website are found on right hand side of this Frida Society blog.  TFS will come together to celebrate each member every other month.  The location for our next gathering will be held at Real de Chapala in La Floresta on Monday March 14, 2016 @10 AM. Mark your calendars and bring a female business owner friend along. DIRECTIONS:  Exit the Carrretera in La Floresta at Pranga on Calle Del Lago.  Drive towards the lake,  turn left when you see the big white sign for Real de Chapala.
TFS will be meeting lakeside around the pool.  Bring your business cards or flyers and be prepared to enjoy a relaxing hour in the shade while you enjoy a fashion show.  Dress in your bright Mexico colors and be prepared to be embraced with sincere affection! Abrazos mi amigas!

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Remarkable Women

There are many fabulously talented women who live at Lakeside.  It takes a large portion of faith and guts to follow your passion and support oneself as a creative individual. Passing on traditions requires all of us to teach by one's selfless example. It has been a great pleasure to get to know a few who have shared their vision and dream with me. The Frida Society hopes to build a network of women who are not afraid to speak the truth and share their struggles and their victories.  The world of art, beauty, food and fashion is extemely competitive and The Frida Society's goal is to build a bridge, or a bond between courageous, and creative women. Herein are the names of a few women who have been extended an invitation to join The Frida Society. Each fabulous female has given purposed encouragements which helped a child, sibling or acquaintance blossom.  The Frida Society can be considered an exclusive Chamber of Commerce that celebrates the female spirit all across Mexico.  The women named below marks our hopeful purpose of unity.
Camelia Ramos creates Rebozos. Mony Angulo of El Corazon Arte.  Graciela Galeana of Arati.  Maria Teresa of Panache. Ruth Baker of Sweets & Treats Ajijic.  Artemisa Ramirez, Jewelry Designer.  Mana Elena Gonzalez of Nina de Misojos.  Noelle Bourlon of Fine Breads.  Diana Alcaraz of Arati.   Dalia Zapeda of Lakeside Translations.  Aranzazu of Panache.  Maria Di Paola Blum of Gallery Di Paola.  Gabriela Sanchez of Gabriela Jewelry Design. Belva Velazquez of Arte Estudio Ajijic.  Lenora Koebel volunteer at Upscale Resale. Donna WIlliams the Feria Co-ordinator.  Beth Lietch of the Little Theatre.  Betty Benton creator of cards to benefit the Hope House for Boys. Deena Murdock creator of jewels from Dallas. Bonnie Garrison a local published author.